An exciting future

We would love you to be involved.

Our transformation strategy is ambitious, challenging and provides a vision for the future of specialised cancer services across the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw population. With the support and involvement of our partners we are investing in new facilities, services and pioneering research programmes to ensure we remain a world leader in cancer care.

Our strategy underpins our core business which is providing safe, high quality sustainable cancer services, always putting the patient at the heart of everything we do. At the heart of our plans are:

  • Delivering more chemotherapy options closer to the patient.
  • Improved access to Radiotherapy services enabling access to cutting edge therapies and treatment decisions.
  • Improved local access to assessment & treatment.
  • Modernising and enhancing the workforce model to meet changing patient needs.
  • Retention & expansion of catchment
  • Maximise research potential and reduce inequity of access to trials.

We have invested over £15m but we need to do more to meet the challenges ahead. That is why we are embarking on a multi-million pound redevelopment of Weston Park Cancer Centre to ensure our facilities match the ambitions for care we have set out. 

As well as a new main entrance, larger outpatients department and additional car parking facilities, we are working closely with colleagues at the University of Sheffield to develop proposals for a world-leading integrated centre of cancer research and innovation that will seek to answer some of the biggest questions faced by cancer researchers today.

Over the next three years we aim to:

  • Accelerate the transition of lab-based and discoveries enquiry to the clinic, so that lives can be improved at pace and at scale
  • Use the expertise of a wide range of people from different disciplines, including oncologists, scientists, engineers, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and patients, to drive forward the development of new and innovative treatments
  • Develop a portfolio of exceptional cancer research which improves lives and raise the impact of our cancer research internationally
  • Address fundamental questions such as what causes cells to become diseased by cancer through scientific enquiry
  • Develop new first-in-class cancer treatments which use new and unique mechanisms to treat cancer, improving lives and knowledge about the disease
  • Tailor treatment through the use of ex-vivo drug screening where individual cells and tissue samples are taken from patients to see how they respond to specific drugs before a treatment is given so that the best option can be provided
  • Invest in studies seeking to understand the role cancer cells play in disrupting bone formation and how this contributes to rapid cancer growth
  • Encourage the talent of the future by training the next generation of cancer researchers.

If you would like to find out how you can support Weston Park Cancer Centre to do even more for people living with cancer either by joining the fundraising campaign which is underway or simply by keeping up to date with progress then simply click here.